A web-based program designed to simplify the complexity of parenteral nutrition ingredient compatibility and stability.

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Stability of Nutrition Internet Calculator (SoNIC) is a GMP-validated and certified program for assessing the compatibility and stability of parenteral nutrition (PN). By facilitation the process of complex PN formulations, SoNIC maximizes efficiency for improved clinician workflow and timely patient care support for adult and pediatric PN regimens.


Ensuring compatibility can be complex and time consuming

PN therapy is often tailored to meet individual patient requirements. Regardless of whether you add several components to commercially available three-chamber bags (3CBs) or you compound from individual PN components to create a “scratch” bag, various components within the formulation may interact. PN preparation is complex and requires a detailed knowledge of ingredient interactions and compounding techniques. While a critical step in nutritional therapy, ensuring ingredient stability can take time and delay patient delivery.

SoNIC – Your digital stability and compatibility platform for accessible and intuitive PN administration

  • Contains extensive database with relevant commercially available products and supplements
  • Calculates adult and pediatric PN results in real time
  • Assigns appropriate shelf-life of PN formulation
  • Easy to use; intuitive operation
  • Ability to save your frequently used formulations for quick access via computer or tablet

SoNIC is NOT a medical device and does not provide recommendations for nutrition dosing requirements.

Functionality walkthrough of Baxter’s Stability of Nutrition Internet Calculator (SoNIC)

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