ExactaMix PRO

expands on the ExactaMix legacy and is the first and only automated compounder that is cyber secure.*

*Certified to the FDA-recognized cybersecurity standard, UL 2900-2-1.




ExactaMix Pro Automated Compounder device

The modern pharmacy faces ever-evolving compounding needs. Go forward with a steadfast ally. ExactaMix Pro is built on the same trusted ExactaMix system you’ve relied on for safety, accuracy, and flexibility, with new Pro features.

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Close up of ExactaMix Automated Compounder

Why automated compounding?

When pre-mixed nutrient solutions cannot match a patient’s specific needs, a customized approach is called for.1 Hospital pharmacies can compound PN solutions manually, but this can be labor-intensive, has high potential for error and may be difficult to do consistently.2,3 Automated compounding helps reduce these risks with better process control and less variation while improving safety, efficiency and cost.3,4 As compared to manual processes, the use of an automated compounder has been shown to reduce time per solution by 40%.5

ExactaMix – Compound with confidence

35+ years

Of innovating in PN compounding


Hospital pharmacies and compounding centers worldwide use ExactaMix


Nutritional bags compounded with ExactaMix

Compounding personalized parenteral nutrition formulations with ExactaMix (Legacy System)

ExactaMix (Legacy System) provides key features to help optimize your pharmacy workflow

Description of ExactaMix machine

In meeting the evolving needs of the modern pharmacy, ExactaMix delivers automated compounding allowing for greater efficiencies compared to manual compounding. 

- Accommodates pharmacies’ individual needs regarding ingredients, approval and reporting 
- Compound TPN, CRRT, cardioplegia, base solutions and epidurals 
- Self-contained system can interface with pharmacy TPN order entry systems 
- Made to adapt to the demands of individual pharmacies, providing flexibility in amount of ingredients, approval and reporting 
- 24 ports minimize the need for manual ingredient additions

- Transfer volumes as low as 0.2 mL
- Volumetric delivery followed by gravimetric check 

Efficient and safety features
- Barcode scanner 
- 14 reports available to support patient documentation and USP <797> compliance 

Easy to set up and use  
- Intuitive touchscreen with Setup Wizard 
- Snap-on valve set 

ExactaMix  disposables are designed and validated specifically for use with  the EM2400 compounder

Valve sets icon

Valve sets

Flow-through connector that links ExactaMix valves to inlets and source containers. Custom design snaps easily onto the ExactaMix main module and features numbered ports and large-bore outlet connector for patient bag filling. Sterile, non-DEHP.  

Inlets icon


PVC tubing set with push-on connector on one end to attach to a valve set and a spike on the opposite end to attach a source container. Latex-free and non-DEHP. Available in large and small bore, with or without vent. Also available with Luer Lock end for use with syringes. 

EVA bags icon

EVA bags

Empty ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) bag used for sterile IV solutions. Includes filling port, injection port and administration port. Latex-free and non-DEHP. Available in various sizes.  

Accessories icon


Calibration bags plus various caps and connectors used in conjunction with other ExactaMix disposables.  

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EVA bags:

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